Sneaker for your back

Sneakers are meant to be worn – so a true sneakerhead is always on the move, making those kicks hit the pavement. And if you’re on your feet day by day, you need a backpack that carries your most important goods AND matches your footwear. pinqponq got just the right solutions for that.

pinqponq as a fashion statement

With a strong connection to urban lifestyle and sneaker culture, we create bags and backpacks as a fashionable statement that unite the most outstanding advantages of our beloved footwear in these products.

pinqponq - sneaker for your back

Why are you wearing a pair of sneakers rather than some rigid dress shoes? Of course because they’re more comfortable. And the same goes for models like the Cubik: padded backpanels provide your spine with the same comfort like cushioning does with your soles. To ensure this kind of coziness and combine it with long lasting durability, we’re using a material mix of textured and recycled polyester, cotton fabrics and mesh – just like you’ve grown to love it on classic athletic trainers.


You've got the look

But let’s be honest: the main reason why we love our sneaks is the look. That’s why we at pinqponq design our products with the same eye for detail and unique style as you know it from a pair of kicks. We give each piece its own character by perfecting every single aspect like Nike did on the Air Max 1.


All in one

We emphasize our premium materials with eyecatching color patterns like you’ve seen it on the greatest ASICS collabs. We dare to think ahead with clean and courageous sportswear-oriented concepts like it’s a Y-3 Qasa. Comfort, quality and outstanding designs all rolled in one – pinqponq got your backpack. And the right one to match your sneakers too.

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