pinqponq is PETA approved vegan

PETA has significantly contributed to the spread of animal-friendly fashion in recent decades. pinqponq is proud to be officially part of this mission. It's all about vegan!

pinqponq has obtained the official certification that all pinqponq products without leather are vegan. This means that they are free of animal components. As a result, pinqponq is now one of the textile industry companies that can be called „PETA certified“. This is another step on the long road to sustainable production. pinqponq has set itself the goal of acting responsibly.

In addition to being a member of the Fair Wear Foundation, beeing a BlueSign system partner and part of the UN Global Compact, the PETA certification is an important part of the realization of our claim to produce backpacks and bags in a fair way.

The people's awareness of the animal rights, which is associated with fur, leather, wool, down and silk, is growing steadily. To produce accessories without animal cruelty is our ethical motivation. Through PETA, we have received a great deal of support.

Of course, only the pinqponq products can be vegan, which do not have genuine leather elements. This is the case with the majority of our backpacks, including OKAY, KARAVAN, BRIK and since the Spring-Summer collection 2017 also at BLOK. Also, most CUBIKs are vegan.

Exceptions are the following products:

Collection 2016: Cubik Blended Grey (Small & Large)

Collection 2014: Cubiq T-Rex, Cubiq Small Blended Grey, Cubiq Large Blended Grey, Cubiq Shopper, Sleeq Daypack, Sleeq Boockpack, Sleeq Sportspack

Already knew? In our current collection we have exclusively vegan backpacks.


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