1. Are the backpacks water resistent?
Our products are strongly water-repellent and the materials are watertight. They are carefully impregnated during the manufacturing process; on the outside with a water-based coating, which lets the water roll off (so that it doesn’t penetrate into the fibers) and on the reverse side with our proven PU coating (also water-based), which makes the material impermeable up to a water pressure of 1500 mm. However, it is theoretically possible that by an extreme flow of water, moisture could get in through seams and zippers, and that is why we speak of “water repellent” and not “waterproof”.

2. Which of the products aren't vegan?
In March 2017, pinqponq was officially vegan approved by PETA. This is valid for all products without genuine leather. The following styles have leather elements and are therefore not vegan:

2016: Cubik Blended Grey (Small and Large)

2014: Cubiq T-Rex, Cubiq Small Blended Grey, Cubiq Large Blended Grey, Cubiq Shopper, Sleeq Daypack, Sleeq Boockpack, Sleeq Sportspack

2017: Cubik Medium Grey Melange DLX, Cubik Medium Anthracite Melange DLX

3. What are the payment possibilities?
SOFORT Überweisung

4. How many 0,5l PET-bottles are the backpacks of?
Cubik Small = 24,0 PET-bottles
Cubik Medium = 28,4 PET-bottles
Cubik Large = 33,4 PET-bottles
Blok Large = 59,1 PET-bottles
Blok Medium = 51,6 PET-bottles
Okay Maxi = 17,8 PET-bottles
Klak = 30,7 PET-bottles
Karavan = 32,3 PET-bottles
Brik = 9,9 PET-bottles
Klick Large = 5,4 PET-bottles
Klick Medium = 3,0 PET-bottles

5. Does pinqponq ship worldwide?
We do not only ship to countries of the European Union but also to the USA, Canada, South Korea, Japan, Switzerland, Australia, Norway, Russia, Mexico, Singapore, China and Israel. Besides, we can ship to other countries. Please contact us per mail if you are interested in that option ( We need the following information: Full name, shipping address, phone number, PayPal contact and your order. Please note that you have to take the shipping costs of 19,90 euros and that you have to pay in advance. We ship DAP - Any import duties will be paid by the buyer. We send it with DHL and wait for your confirmation.

6. How can I cancel my order?
Would you like to exercise your 14-day right of cancellation and send your product/products back to us? Please send the parcel to the following address:

FOND OF BAGS c/o Rhenus Logistics
Europaallee 29
47229 Duisburg

Attention: Returns are only possible against proof of purchase. This also applies if it was a gift.

Do you have any further questions on the right of cancellation? Then please take a look under "§ 4 Right of withdrawal at

7. Is the return free of cost?
Yes, the return is free of cost. You will receive the return ticket by sending an e-mail to with the subject: "return ticket pinqponq" and a short info with name, customer number and address. Please put the e-mail with the confirmation into the package.

8. Where can I see pinqponq "live"?
From Cologne via Singapore to South Korea: In our storefinder you will find all the stores worldwide that sell pinqponq products. If you have not adjusted your settings, you will first see stores near you.

9. Where is my order?
If you are already waiting for more than 5 business days on your pinqponq, you can inform yourself by phone (+49 221 - 539 705 100) or by email at about the whereabouts of your package. Sometimes it may happen that packages are stuck at customs or that the address is not found. We apologize for any inconvenience.

10. How do I clean my pinqponq?
We recommend to clean your pinqponq with a damp cloth and some soap. If your pinqponq is heavily polluted, a cleaning spray ensures that your pinqponq is like new again.

11. How much can I pack into the bag?
Mesh bags have a high degree of flexibility. This could lead you to take a lot of stuff in there. To ensure that the mesh pockets are not unobstructed, only items with a small circumference should enter the pockets.

12. Does my laptop fit into the tray?
The following are the dimensions of the different laptop compartments in centimeters:
CUBIK Large: 29 cm x 40 cm x 3,5 cm (17'')
CUBIK Medium: 25 cm x 38 cm x 3,5 cm (15'')
CUBIK Small: 24 cm x 33 cm x 3 cm (14'')
BLOK Medium: 36 cm x 27 cm x 3,5 cm (15'')
BLOK Large: 27 cm x 40 cm x 3,5 cm (17'')
DJ CUBIK: 39 cm x 32 cm x 3,5 cm (17'')
OKAY Maxi: 32 cm x 23 cm x 3 cm (13'')
KLAK: 36 cm x 27 cm x 3 cm (13'')

13. What color of the lining belongs to which collection year?
The light blue lining indicates that the pinqponq comes from the 2016/17 collection year. The black inner lining can be found in previous pinqponq versions. Since 2017/18 our products are equipped with a grey lining.


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