I ended up here...because I tend to be down-to-earth.

I have never...let champagne run down my leg.

I am embarrassed to own...a wardrobe.

I secretly dream of...terra cotta.

I can’t do without...soft, pink hand towels, eggs and magnesium.


If you want to know the hottest spots for second hand stores her!


Sales Manager


I ended up here...because I wanted to work in Cologne and in a surrounding of Start-Up mentality after all my jobs for well-known fashion brands.

I have never...had a more interesting working place than I have now.

The most embarrassing thing I probably my brand new, first generation GoPro Camera that packed away in my cellar.

Actually I swoon over...some earwigs I actually won't share with you.

I can’t do without...licorice, licorice and cheese.


He is author of books like "The Best Joke Book" or "Joke Marathon". Hence, he is one of these people who always have a funny line in store.


Product Manager


I ended up here...because COLOGNE CALLING.

I have never...kissed a Clown.

I am embarrassed to have...a blue-white striped onesie - in my size.

Actually I swoon over...being Heidi in the mountains.

I can’t do without...Carmex, Pickles and frothy milk!!!


Actually she is owner of a vegetarian kebap store.


Marketing Manager


I ended up here...because Cologne is a 'dope' city.

I have never...smoked weed.

I am embarrassed to have...a t-shirt of an former german family band from the 90s.

Actually I swoon over...Steve Urkel.

I can’t do without...sports.


Fred is known from movies like "Where Is Fred?" and is lead singer of the band Limp Bizkit.


Junior Product & Project Manager


I ended up here...because it was time to experience the structures of a start-up and to “really” learn stuff.

I have never...watched a scary movie from beginning to end.

I am embarrassed to Diddl diaries in which I noted down all my prince charmings when I was 11 years old.

I secretly dream own dessous label, my own small restaurant or a career in filmacting...I just haven’t decided yet.

I can’t do without...pasta, highheels and chocolate.


Jackie's second name is Paloma. With that name she has to be on stage!


Brand Unit Manager Lifestyle


I ended up here...because I have seen and still see an exciting story behind my job.

I have what people like about the German crime series "Tatort". I really can't get it.

The most embarrassing thing I own...Well, that's not a big deal for me. I frequently part with all the stuff I don't need anymore.

Actually I swoon over...a little house with Atlantic view, because I am a big Portugal Fan.

I can’t do without...a hot shower. I really am a wimp.


Matthias is the brother of OMI ( know) and consequently we can enter the best clubs in the universe.


Content-Marketing Manager


I ended up here...because I like the online world, I love working in motivated teams and I adore backpacks.

I have never...eaten an olive without a feeling of disgust.

The most embarrassing thing I Orca, my pink whale from my childhood.

Actually I swoon over...m&m's peanuts, my tweezers and dental floss.


In her name you can find the word "bake", which is standing for her particular liking of bakery produce.


National Sales Assistant


I ended up here...because I was looking for opportunities.

I have never...jumped from an airplane.

I am embarrassed to childhood hot-water bottle in form of a bear.

I secretly dream own Empire.

I can’t do without...a bathtub.

Sarah has such a shiny smile that people go blind when they are getting too close to her.