The PARACHUTE is a hybrid of retro sports references with modern fabrication. A nostalgic look at golf accessories from the 1970’s forms the basis for the PARACHUTEs unique silhouette. Reference’s to the wilderness and the great outdoors also feature heavily in this design, as the parachute’s colour palette take inspiration from roadtrips across the open road. A hazy combination of dusky grey, blue, yellow and green represent the great elements of the outdoors, whilst it’s tech fabrication brings the PARACHUTE back to its urban context. The outdoor reference is again reflected in the graphic landscape motif silkscreened printed on base of the PARACHUTE.


Reflecting the mood of the new season, accessories label pinqponq continues to push forward the boundaries of sustainable design. The design of the PARACHUTE consequently works with the SS19 collection theme and takes it to a new level of backpack, creating a fresh, unseen, but relevant style.

"The starting point of this project was something that everyone who lives in the city can relate to: longing for space, natural experiences and new social interactions. The shape is inspired by our first backpack (the Cubik) and by golfer bags. There is so much that is interesting and layered to them. Golfing has an elite reputation, but is also socially driven and fulfils a need for nature, space and wellbeing. Golfing bags have funnily been the same for decades. They are the most unfresh, unchique, untouched designs you can imagine, even though they are so regularly used by the glamorous elite. That's my sense of humour. They lasted so long that the style gets interesting again, but in a sort of anti-way, no elderly elite player would want that. But if you look at golfing as a sincere reasonable activity without the elite side, it fits. I really liked the doublesided nature in aesthetics that occur with golf-related stuff, so I took it as inspiration. Also road trips, a hippie mentality, a sentimental look and feel — woven labels from outdoor packs during a previous time or naive illustrations from landscapes. We also made woven labels on the parachute, but integrated modern visuals like a cursor. We translated the idea of the naive drawing over the whole backpack using it as a canvas for the landscape. The Wunderbaum as a zip pull is also synonymous with road trips, but is sort of ageless, it is now and 20 years ago at the same time. That also reflects the timelessness of the feelings that were the starting points for the design process."

(Annemarie Keizers, pinqponq designer)