Clean Beauty


There is a Melange line consisting out of 3 colorways – Anthracite, Green and Grey Melange – available on Cubik Medium only. With the new Melange Edition, pinqponq is meeting the needs of all fans of Scandinavian design. That is why there are now three new CUBIK Medium color variations of the very popular Melange thread. All Melange fabrics are 100% made of 28,4 recycled PET bottles.

Melange DLX

For all those who like it even more clean and luxury, we developped the Melange Deluxe Edition which are refined with genuine leather details on the front and the inside compartment. Another difference can be found in the metall logo which is more minimalistic and valuable than the usual one. Along with the brighter versions Grey there is a somewhat darker variation – Anthracite Melange. The backpack models are called Cubik Medium Anthracite Melange DLX and Cubik Medium Grey Melange DLX.