DJ Bruno Curtis

DJ Bruno Curtis

Bruno, you were raised in a home fueled by art and music. How did that shape you?

Well to put it in simpler words, it made me the person I am today. Forever grateful to my family in that aspect, I sort of was always a rugby head but my parents, cousins always made sure to get me into music or at least show me who the artists were. As I grew older and got into skateboarding with my cousins, music started to be more present in my life - I would never take my board out without my headphones. We would always meet up at our skate spot and after skating for hours we would discuss about albums of all sorts. It looked like our ipods were in competition with each other to see who knew the most about different genres. Nostalgic times.

You were born in New Zealand. How is the local scene and what made you decide to put down roots in the Czech Republic?

New Zealand is different in a way, the type of sound is different. I don't really know how to explain, you get everything and nothing at the same time, everybody knows about the classics but getting records from Ricardo or ZIP is just not something that will get to NZ easily, people are more into Drum & Bass, Hip Hop, then we have our own greats (Check Tikki Tane, Fat Freddy’s). For me Europe has been a completely different experience, in terms of people and music specially, plus the fact that i’ve lived in different cities throughout the years served as big influence. Prague has been a whole new realm, so many music heads, so many people to share ideas, so many genres making up the scene, you get the urge to explore musically in this city, you don't feel like you should only play one thing and follow one certain line of music, you get to experiment and that's exciting.

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*At start was a bit hard for me to adapt to the social norm & life style but I’m finally feeling more ‘local’ as time goes by. In fewer words i consider Prague to be a sleeping giant, hub of talented musicians and artists, slowly making their move to more international waters and i’m happy to be part of it.
* How would you describe the Prague club scene to someone who doesn't know anything about it?

The scene is not in the clubs or at least not in the ones people come looking for, that would be my keywords for everyone that comes to visit. Prague developed its own approach to raving and the Komiks crew leads the front at the moment, not taking any credit to the younger guys, XYZ, Cukr, Tetris and other crews. The point is what happens in the clubs simply does not bring any justice to what we are really building here, so to anyone coming in for a visit, think outside the box and look for the unusual, you’ll find us all there.

You are pushing a bit different sound, inspired by the Romanian minimal movement. How did you get in touch with this style and how is it received in Prague?

I try not to label my music as much as possible although i do agree it is largely influenced by the eastern guys. I’ve always been more prone to deeper style of tracks, more abstract more trippy if you like, and I’ve found in the music I play those exact characteristics still bringing the rhythm and the punchy touch.To be honest the work I’m doing at the moment was initiated a while back by other artists that move into the city, the likes of Agustin, Sebastian with their former MONO imprint, moving to the TAMDEM crew, basically these guys laid down the tracks in which I run at the moment. It’s starting to be more accepted these days, I’ve had the luck of creating a monthly event in the city where our genre is very present, that is actually doing pretty well, although always trying to keep it real and allow us to mix our line ups with local acts even if they play different music, there’s no reason why we can’t co-exist. In the end we are all playing music and that should never create barriers to anyone. In fact the diversity I try to bring in every event is what in my opinion is making it successful, the fact that you come down to the gig and you don’t have to listen to minimal the full 6/7 hours, you can experience different approaches to music going from House to Acid to Techno at times. We are open to everything, exploring is the key.

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