DJ Duo Andhim

DJ Duo Andhim

You are always on the go and now you need to take a compulsory break because you broke your leg. What jackass stunt did you try to reproduce?

We shot a video for our new single “Super” in which we were roller skating around. The only issue was, that we had no talent what so ever in roller skating. At one point, my leg just decided to make a 90 degree turn in the wrong direction.

Okay, so you are pretty lucky that when you guys are playing your tunes you only have to move and dance a little bit. What is the best and what’s the most annoying part when playing your tunes?

We are travelling the whole world, meet amazing people and do what we enjoy the most. There is nothing better. On the other hand, we never have time to go to birthdays, weddings or other important occasions of our friends’. That’s a shame and sometimes annoying.

What about the Cologne clubbing scene? Is it, in your opinion, sheer lunacy or sheer horror?

Puh, that’s a little tricky to answer, because we don’t get the chance to play in Cologne very often. There are certainly a few good bookings in the city, but there is no place where the whole scene is present at once. That’s why we started to organize our own events in Cologne last year. For example, we rented out a whole waterpark for our “Superfriends” sessions and did a mini-festival there.

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How do you explain your job to your parents?

Our parents already came to some of our shows. They are indeed our biggest fans. My dad even has an andhim tramp stamp.

Where do you want to get to? What is the non-plus-ultra for a DJ?

We are starting our own Label “Superfriends Records” in November. That has been a dream of ours’ for a long time. That’s a good place to start to get even more creative and to realize even more dreams. Apart from that, we cannot really complain, it’s going very well for us. We don’t have unfulfilled dreams.

At which festivals would we see you as a visitor?

The festival season is nearly over, but besides the MELT or the Love Family Park where we played our tracks this year, you would find us at the Sonus Festival in Croatia, DGTL in Barcelona, Creamfields in Liverpool or in Munich at the Echelon Festival.

In Steve Aoki’s tour-rider are a few weird things such as an inflatable rubber boat and a confetti machine. What do you need backstage?

We are pretty frugal. But what we don’t want to miss, is our weight bench, 11 homing pigeons, red and black caviar (organized on a platter in turns of red and black caviar), two original exemplars of the iron throne (of game of thrones), a 4x4m rug made out of alpaka wool as well as two glasses of water that come from the Banduri spring. If one of these items is missing, we won’t play. Understandable, right?


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