DJ Nadus

DJ Nadus

Who do you want to reach with your music?

I want my music to reach every human being on this planet if possible.

Why do you hide your face in photos?

Everything around us is so much about image and marketing now and I think that takes away from the music. I'd rather be heard and not seen any day of the week. There's no ego here so I'm not yearning for anyone to stroke it.

What makes the people in your hometown unique?

Newark is special. We're a riot city so my elders are fighters. The government and media saw looters. I saw my people remove redlining. They're hard workers, very stubborn in a good way. We're creators. The one thing I've learned and attained from being born and raised in the City of Newark is passion. When the people here believe in someone or something as a whole it's real.

I'd rather be heard and not seen.

In one of your past interviews you said “I’m a product of my environment.” – What exactly do you mean by that?

What I meant by that is simply, I'm the end result of someone raised in Newark, New Jersey on 7th Avenue. I'm the end result of the schools my parents put me in. I'm the end result of how they raised me. When people wanna really look into who I am as an artist and a person I'm not some embellished gimmick or story for people to gather around,who I am isn't that far from my upbringing.

You enjoy doing something, that others do not expect you to do: When and how did you last surprise someone?

I surprised my label (Pelican Fly) with a lot of new music.


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