Go and Travel

Go and Travel

Time for a getaway

The next getaway is just around the corner and you need a bag that easily fits in the backseat and the overhead compartment? Our new duffle bag offers room for everything. Smart solutions provide easy access to shoes, boarding cards and keys. Plus: you can carry it to that fancy bar without looking like a man on a business trip.

Feel free!

When you wake up in a city you barely know, why don’t you just go for a run? The pinqponq KARAVAN has an extra pocket for your running shoes. Feel free and explore your hood around your Air B’n’B apartment. There are no excuses anymore.

Pack and back

It’s an unwritten law: On your way back you’ve got more stuff than before. Extend the duffle by two foldable side wings and win some extra space for your essentials. If you are in the mood, sling it comfortably over your shoulder. The strap can be easily removed by a buckle. In the end, KARAVAN and BLOK build a perfect match for your getaways. What’s left to say? Bon voyage!

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