If you had to decide which social media channel you had to live without, which one would it be? Snapchat, Facebook, Soundcloud or Twitter?

Definitely Facebook, since it’s already starting to feel the same way as MySpace did at the end of its popularity.

More and more is being digitalized, not just the production, but also the performance on stage. Which skills will a DJ need to have in order to be successful?

The selection has always played the most important part for me. It’s no good to have skills if you are annoying the crowd in the club or at the festival and no one is enjoying themselves. I’m thrilled about the development. So much more is possible and realizable, things that, not so long ago, were unthinkable.

Which features, Rick Ross, Kanye West or Rihanna, would you refuse the most?

Although I am super fond of Rick Ross, perhaps once I produced something for Kanye or Rihanna, surely I will be able to do something with him at some point.

Who is the biggest Star in your address book (except for Cro)?

Dieter Bohlen.

Have you ever tindered in between flights and gigs?


NMD or Yeezy?

Mhh I like both, depends on the colorway. But the Pitch Black NMD are super super super nice…

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When can we expect to hear your new album?

I’ll probably just say next year for now. There are many ideas, projects and collaborations that are being worked on and will hopefully be released soon…

Where do you get inspirations from for your productions?

I am on the go so much and am constantly surrounded by many inspiring people. I can hardly save myself from all the inspiration.

A life without a hairband or sunglasses?

HAHA! HAIRBAND! That’s just temporarily, because my hair is so random at the moment…

VFB Champions League Winner or Feature with Rick Ross?

Definitely feature with Rick Ross. But good question, because both seem to be equally realistic.


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