Same Same But Different

Same Same But Different

Fashion meets flexibility – The new Rolltop KLAK and OKAY 2.0

The elegant form, the thin straps and the withdrawn logo are an expression for the overhauled design of the new Rolltop KLAK. As with all of its products, pinqponq ensures it also fulfills its high functional expectations. The main compartment’s wide opening and the document and laptop compartment offer the usual functional value. In addition, the Rolltop can be easily expanded to four liters at the top with a magnet clasp. There is room underneath the detachable front pocket for a sweater.

The redesigned OKAY model is also initially characterized by its thin, cleaner straps and will no longer be offered in the Mini and Maxi variations, rather only in one size that holds 15 liters and thus corresponds to the storage capacity of its predecessor the OKAY Maxi.


Expanded range of colors

Along with the new product models, pinqponq is also expanding its range of colors for the most important models: the BLOK, CUBIK MEDIUM and OKAY. Along with the beige-color Oxford Tan, an additional green color graces all three mentioned models. The brown color Coffee Bean is available for CUBIK Medium and OKAY. The collection colors – except for Coffee Bean – are also available for the new Rolltop KLAK.


Tried and true in new splendor

A further interpretation of pinqponq’s characteristic Memphis concept, which originated in the furniture industry in the 1980s, is expressed by the Vivid Gold Edition, which is comprised of BLOK, CUBIK, OKAY and BRIK. The already well-known white components of the Vivid Monochrome color were newly interpreted through a gold-yellow thread.

Melange Edition

With the new Melange Edition, pinqponq is meeting the needs of all fans of Scandinavian design. That’s why there are now three new CUBIK Medium color variations with the very popular Melange thread. Along with the brighter versions Grey and Green Melange, there is a somewhat darker variation – Anthracite Melange.

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