Size ten, please!

Size ten, please!

Which passion came first: sneakers or photography?

Sneakers! I remember it as if it happened yesterday. My first sneaker was the Nike Cortez, in white with light blue trim. I was about 8. Back then, the Nike Cortez was my everyday white with light blue swoosh. They were pretty affordable at the time, like the Air Force 1. Those were the two pairs of shoes I was “always” allowed to have. In Bonn, this has been my daily uniform: Nike Air Max Plus or Cortez. In addition, I wore a Fila crewneck and Nike trackpants. Lacoste also always went down well.

I’ve been interested in photography for a long time, but I didn’t really get started until about 4 years ago. Now I am so obsessed I won’t leave the house without a camera. To me, there’s nothing better than capturing a moment for eternity.

What kind of camera do you have, and what is your favorite lens to work with?

I recently changed my system from the Canon 70D to the Sony Alpha 7, in other words from a half-size to a full-size format. The Sony is quite a bit lighter, smaller, and has a better dynamic scope, which I definitely see as an advantage. The manual focus with edge enhancement is also a lot of fun. Right now I’m working with a Sigma 35mm 1.4f Art lens combined with the MC-11 adapter, and a rebuilt Minolta 50mm 1.2f lens. A new lens is in the works, but I’m not 100% sure which one it’s going to be yet.

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What conditions does a location need to meet in order for you to shoot there? How do you find great spots?

In my opinion, the perfect location needs to have something characteristic about it. The main image has to go with the environment so that you can imagine yourself inside the picture. I love urban and nostalgic sites. I also like exploring subway stations and other public buildings. Four months ago I was in London with my buddy Christian. We spent half our trip in the Tube stations, checking out all of the stops. It was totally exhausting, but definitely worth it!

What is the best time of day for taking pictures?

The specific time of day doesn’t affect the “perfect” picture. The same goes for the weather conditions. My friends are always trying to tell me, “Dude, it’s starting to rain…” And I go, “Perfect!” Things like rain, snow, light and darkness are important details for me which one should definitely take advantage of.

Which sneakers are your favorite ones to shoot right now?

Recently there’s been a lot of Nike again, especially the Air Jordan 1. The Air Jordan 1 will always be the best and most ageless sneaker of all time. Since I grew up with Nike, Nike remains my absolute favorite brand. Nike forever. Adidas has also been strong in the last two years, especially with the innovative boost system. These kicks are really comfortable, especially such an ultraboost. I'm very curious about what's coming next from Adidas, especially concerning Kanye West. A few weeks ago a picture of Kanye came up on the Internet, on which he wears a new shoe ... I liked it very much!

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What was the last brand collaboration that knocked your socks off? Which brands would make an amazing collaboration?

Hmmm... there are a ton. Nike x Stones Island recently put out another really good collection. I’m hoping for another collaboration between Fragment and Air Jordan. I’ve never been as excited about a shoe as I was about the Air Jordan 1 x Fragment designed by Hiroshi Fujiwara.

Tell us about the hashtag #inrawplease.

The group @inrawplease currently consists of two photographers, Christian Sauerland aka @shineandkriss and me, @sizetenplease. The goal is to share our passion for sneakers & lifestyle, and to provide a platform for other talented photographers. But we don’t just want to limit ourselves to sneakers & lifestyle – we want to offer a whole spectrum, as you can already see. The whole thing should be in constant motion. Our hashtag #inrawplease gives everyone the opportunity to draw some attention to themselves. There are still a few other things we are definitely planning to implement, but there is a right time for everything.


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