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pinqponq lab develops new models pinqponq is exploring every aspect of backpacks – in other words, not just the model itself but also the context in which it is used. The JAKK, appearing this fall, is a new interpretation of the classic lid backpack that achieves its goal of a modern look, along with the PURIK as a minimalist accessory for the back. With the TETRIK, pinqponq serves the current trend toward maximum freedom. Today’s global citizens do not know in the morning where they will end up in the evening, and pinqponq’s new hip bag helps make that circumstance a little easier.

What’s new? All new products are made of PFC-free materials. Thus, they are produced in an even more environmentally friendly manner. In addition to a newly developed logo made of silicone, many models now have a wider carrying handle so that they fit onto a trolley’s handlebar.

The cable compartment of the Blok (Medium & Large) has been enlarged and can now also be used as a shoe compartment. From the bottle compartment to the zipper pocket and pen holder to the new key ring: all functions are highlighted in color on the inside. A perforated tablet compartment and a silk logo print further enhance the inside of the backpack.

The pinqponq 2018 Fall-Winter collection is coming in September 2018 and will be available online at as well as in select stores.


Okay Airy Olive


Blok Medium Maple Maroon


Jakk Charcoal Grey


Cubik Medium Cay Khaki


Brik Maple Maroon