Time for new realities

Time for new realities

You know a backpack comes from pinqponq’s drafting table when a variety of materials come together in harmony to create a stylish accessory. It is important to realize that function does not have to determine form – when the two influence each other, it creates a high-quality design. Since 2016, pinqponq has been drawing inspiration from the 1980s Memphis Group of furniture design, which guides its choice of certain materials and colors. In 2017 pinqponq continues this consequently and launches its first Spring-Summer Memphis Collection. As a result you find different colorways in our product range, e.g. on the BRIK.

Everything you need in one place: the new BRIK hip bag keeps it all handy. This life-saving bag has room for your most important items, from a smartphone to a bottle opener. The adjustable hip belt is secure and comfortable even for people with an active lifestyle. Converted into a shoulder bag, the BRIK becomes a cool fashion accessory. Trust your gut feeling. And look good doing so.

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Following its best-selling CUBIK Blended Grey model, pinqponq is putting another grey model on the market in spring 2017. The CUBIK Lead Grey has a spare exterior, with textured outer fabrics and no leather elements. It is made even more functional with an additional padded (sun) glasses case on the inside flap, and black reflectors on the large model. Get ready for the summer!


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