pinqponq is a sustainably minded, innovative label from Cologne, Germany. Founded in 2014 with a mission to offer products that break new ground on the sustainability and design front.

A promise for the future

pinqponq offers intelligently designed bags and accessories for a discerning carrier seeking thoughtful and timeless products. Combing smart travel systems, astute design detailing with 100% certified sustainable fabrication. pinqponq truly offers a fresh perspective to sustainable design without compromise.

pinqponq on point

pinqponq on point PET
The brand with the two dots

pinqponq’s prominent red and blue dots are an illustration of two opposite poles. While the blue symbolizes functionality, sustainability, and technicalities, the red represents an emotion, inspiration, and innovation. Although opposites, those qualities do not repel but attract each other. Mind and heart, one needs both to create something truly great.

pinqponq, the name itself stands for reciprocal actions and passing on ideas to each other. Different influences, like art movements or a diverse group of people, play an essential role in the creative process.

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From a bottle to backpack

Our PFC free fabrics are 100% made of recycled PET bottles. PET recycling makes it possible to reduce plastic waste, save resources and not have to resort to fossil raw materials.

PET recycling has enabled us to save hundreds of barrels of oil, thousands of water tubs and more than 3 million PET bottles.


bluesign® pays attention to the elimination of environmentally-damaging substances from the production process. While the FWF not only regularly checks the working conditions at our suppliers and also evaluates our own efforts to improve working conditions in our supply chain.

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