FW20 Changeant

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Hero changeant fw20

pinqponq's FW20 Changeant Edition symbolizes the alienation from nature. As an independent line, it stands out from the autumn collection because of its very radiant color palette.

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The Changeant colors are reminiscent of mild, golden autumn days when the sun makes its way through the almost bare branches. The strong, bright color "Seabuck Orange" is combined with the shimmering earth tones "Brilliant Brown" and "Thorn Taupe".

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To live in harmony with nature is not meant to be esoteric at all. For pinqponq, it means to value and protect nature. The alienation of nature becomes a global problem. Due to the excessive exploitation of resources over the last decades, we are now confronted with dramatic environmental changes. Responsibility is a promise for the future. It is a promise that pinqponq takes to heart.

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