Spring Summer 21

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Raw Beauty

In Spring/Summer 2021 we focus on the essentials, creating space for clarity and lightness. We took inspiration from Caspar David Friedrich: as a great fan of hiking, he transferred the mood at dawn and dusk into his artworks of early Romanticism - a source of inspiration also for the color choice of the new collection.

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move with ease

Our collection for spring 2021 focuses on opposites that complement each other perfectly, creating a calm and balanced interplay: Functionality meets design, design meets sustainability. Classical tailoring is complemented by sporty outdoor elements, creating groundbreaking products that convince with their pleasant wearing comfort.

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Color palette

His structured pictorial order as well as the color palette serve as the basis for the spring/summer 2021 bag collection. The chosen colors range from polished gold to a soft violet, referencing the first and last rays of sunlight from the painting "Stages of Life" ("Lebensstufen") by Caspar David Friedrich. The bags are as usual made of 100% recycled PET bottles, are vegan and PFC-free.

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