Komut Bike Pack

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Bike Edition

pinqponq presents its newest arrival and limited edition – The Komut. Its aesthetic is inspired by the pinqponq Blok backpack; however, this edition brings new functions, materials, and its sustainable concept to a whole new level.

comfortable and stylish

Cycling is perhaps the freest and healthiest form of transportation. The Komut is designed to be the best commuter backpack by enabling you to reach the office in the most comfortable and stylish way. From hikers on adventurous trails to daily commuters cycling through the city, the Komut is fully equipped to meet any needs.


Not only does biking save you money and improves your health, but it also brings a good conscience since the materials used are PET recycled, vegan, PFC-free, and follow a responsible production. To get from A to B emission-free is an essential aspect behind the development of the Komut. Learn more about our materials and manufacturing here.

Komut accessories

To complete the Bike collection, we offer a blue-red bike pump, a black water bottle, and a drying towel.

Flak Hip Bag


upcycled bike

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Komut Accessories