Komut Bike Pack

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new green shade

In spring 2020 we launched our first Bike Pack. Now the backpack line is expanded by the colorway “Pure Moss”. The green shade is a clear reference to nature, freshness, and life itself.

Komut Color Range

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Perfectly equipped with our bike accessories

A stylish air pump including a holder for Presta and Schrader valves is just as useful for a tour through nature as a drinking bottle from the Swiss manufacturer SIGG in pinqponq design. The Komut Large comes with the Flak Large shoulder bag. However, the Flak is also available individually and in a total of three different sizes. Both models, Komut Medium and Komut Large, come with a rain cover to keep your stuff inside dry even in pouring rain. Speaking of "dry": Our practical dry cloth can be easily attached to the bike bar with Velcro and ensures a dry saddle in the rain.

Bike Accessories

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A beautiful back

A back section like used for the Komut Large is normally only found on outdoor hiking backpacks. It is covered with a mesh and leaves enough space between the back and the outer fabric, so that the air circulates optimally and a wet back is no longer a problem, even for commuters. The hip belt on the Komut Large is removable. The back panel of the Komut Medium has also been redesigned so that it is particularly light and keeps dry.

Our Flak colorways

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