Fall Winter 19




For the new season, accessories label pinqponq continues to push the boundaries of sustainable design. The mood for Fall/Winter 2019 collection fuses nostalgia with modernity, looking at German suburban living as a source of inspiration. The often orderly, systematic and practical design of German suburban surroundings brings a sentimental yet modern value to the new season.

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The season’s palette pays particular attention to the daily sights of German suburban life. From the traditional brick and concrete houses, commonly adorned with leftover retro furniture from the 60’s and 70’s, to the bold functional attire sported by practical residents, who are often seen dressed in high- vis safety clothing for their daily endeavours. New colourways include Blur Red, Iced Lilac and Flash Yellow. The popular tonal changeant fabrics will also return and have been updated with a fresh palette of Olive, Taupe and Khaki. pinqponq has taken key seasonal colours to create simple and genderless designs.

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