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The Maxgear Edition's goal is to store and transport all your property on your body.

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More is more

The human need for exploration and authenticity has inspired a specially developed edition. It gives uprooted, on-the-go global explorers a safe place to keep their most important belongings.

Boundaries are disappearing – in part because of political and social circumstances, and in part because of a desire to discover places far from home. Because of this rootlessness, people are being forced to reduce their possessions. The minimalist lifestyle goes hand in hand with maximized functional clothing. The goal: everything you own needs to be stored and transported on your own body.

Even if people see themselves as world citizens, they have a certain longing for the familiar, for instance as embodied by a fisherman’s jacket. It has countless places to stash items and many different expansion options, and it is usually worn in everyday life, not necessarily for a fishing expedition. Fishing vests and jackets are the original version of “athleisure,” a combination of function with a fashionable look and feel. This moment is reflected by the pinqponq Safari, whose overloaded style conveys this mix of function and style and gives it a familiar feel.

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