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Most Responsible Products

We have reached a milestone on our way to becoming the most responsible brand world wide – the MRP collection. In doing so we want to positively contribute to the world’s biggest challenges such as climate change, water pollution and decent working conditions. Therefore, we evaluated every single component of our backpacks and developed solutions to produce them in an even more conscious way.

First bluesign® product

Our system partner bluesign® traces each textile’s path along the manufacturing process, making improvements at every stage from factory floor to finished product. Together, we try to keep the effects of the production on humans and nature as low as possible. Our main fabric, made of 100% recycled PET bottles, is already bluesign®-approved. But our goal was to develop pinqponq’s first bluesign®-approved PRODUCTS to ensure the highest degree of safety for the consumer with the lowest possible impact on people and the environment. Thereby our MRPs consist of over 90% bluesign® approved fabrics and over 30% bluesign®-approved accessories, like buckles, tension locks or zippers. We have now achieved this goal by improving the Klak, Kalm and Brik - our three Most Responsible Products, therefore pinqponq becomes the first fashion and lifestyle brand with a bluesign® PRODUCT.

Solution-dyed, PFC-free fabrics

A major factor contributing to environmental pollution caused by the textile industry is the dyeing process. Therefore, our main fabric is solution-dyed, meaning the pigments are directly added during the yarn production. This results in less wastewater and fewer dyestuff chemicals. To make our backpacks water- and stain-repellent we use a PFC-free treatment from NEOSEED® for the entire pinqponq bags range, instead of the widespread treatment based on fluorocarbons (PFCs), which are harmful (e.g. cancerogenic) for people and the environment.

Recycled polyester zippers

To further increase the usage of recycled materials, we use YKK zippers from the NATULON® product line, made from post-consumer polyester products. This makes it possible to reduce plastic waste, save resources and not have to resort to fossil raw materials.

Climate Partner

Since the most conscious production process still causes CO2 emissions, we undertook steps to neutralize these emissions. First, we teamed up with Climate Partner. They calculate the CO2 emissions generated by our MRP products and neutralize these emissions by investing our contribution in the climate protection project "Clean drinking water in India", in which water is turned back into drinking water through chemical purification. Second, all products ordered online are shipped with climate-neutral shipping of DPD.

Social responsibility

Besides the ecological dimension of responsibility, we also care about the social aspect of the sewing process of our backpacks, where most of the handiwork takes place. As a member of the Dutch non-profit organization Fair Wear we made concrete efforts and reached the highest possible standard – the Fair Wear Leader Status. We commit ourselves and our suppliers to adhere to a strict code of labor practices to constantly improve occupational safety, wages, and regular working hours. Moreover, all pinqponq products are vegan and approved by the animal welfare organization PETA.