pinqponq x TRAKTOR

Berlin, June 13, 2019 - on this date pinqponq and TRAKTOR will launch a limited-edition bag for the TRAKTOR DJ KONTROL S2. The collaboration sees the coming-together of core values for both brands – pinqponq’s focus on enabling a contemporary on-the-go lifestyle, and TRAKTOR’s determination for everybody to DJ, everywhere. The backpack fits the bill for all producers and DJs who carry their gear, laptop, headphones, and overnight essentials when they’re on the go.

Made from 100% recycled PET bottles, the bag is based on pinqponq’s classic Blok Large rucksack, has dedicated compartments for the TRAKTOR KONTROL S2, a pair of headphones, cables, and enough space left for weekend essentials. In a nod to the nightclub, the “vinyl black” edition features minimalist black-on-black branding, and is limited to 200 pieces globally.

pinqponq has made it their mission to unite functionality and aesthetic appeal alongside sustainable design and good workplace conditions. Their designs take influence from art, architecture, music, and fashion. TRAKTOR’s focus on the dancefloor, on places where people come together, and on enabling people to create a sonic space for themselves, led to the release of their free DJ app, TRAKTOR DJ 2. Both brands have tapped into their shared values, to create a product that speaks to a contemporary, cosmopolitan music-oriented culture.

Traktor Detail
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