Le chariot urbain

An unsung hero of transportation widely seen and used in urban environments has been given re-fresh fit for purpose in a modern urban terrain and context. pinqponq presents the Urban Shopper Trolley called KART, an alternate travel partner for inner city life not just for OAP’s!

Available in Silk Silver and Sharp Ruby the Urban Shopper Trolley is certainly a conversation starter! Remodelled on pinqponq’s design classic the Blok, one of the brands most high-performance products. This hybrid style has been updated with the added function of mobility wheels, whilst possessing a multifaceted 3 option open, padded 17” laptop and tablet compartment, reflective design elements, a shopping cart chip, and a removable lining sack with handles for extra groceries space.

The Urban Shopper Trolley has added versatility, making it an ideal travel companion for not just local but global journeys alike. The pinqponq KART offers a tongue and cheek smart alternative for the urban explorer.

also usable as backpack
removable lining sack
volume: 52l to 60l
incl. shopping cart chip
shoe compartment
4 carry options


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