sensual pleasures, a new light backpack & new sources of inspiration

pinqponq's SS22 collection is bursting with esprit, in every sense of the word. Classics like the Hoodie with its signature features are rethought and conceived in a more modern way. Smart accessories like the Trank Bottle Bag have an impact on style, but also on the environment. The Dukek adds a tremendously lightweight and totally versatile backpack to the Komut bike line. Carefree, good-looking and highly comfortable –the ultra-functional bomber jacket speaks for itself.

Striving for focus

The collection is about the need for connection and clarity. Both can help to overcome the alienation from our emotions.It is about the relationship between human and technology, about the possibilities and limits of this dualism. The collections’ color spectrum is tailored to the needs of the pinqponq wearer and reflects the connection to nature with its earth and sand tones.

High Comfort Low Impact

We want to ensure that all our products and innovations have the smallest possible impact on humans and nature.