pinqponq x thonet


pinqponq and furniture manufacturer THONET present their joint project "Vivid Monochrome" during the Interior Design Week Cologne. The two German brands came together and covered the famous Freischwinger chair by THONET with pinqponq's most iconic fabric.


The Memphis movement as a counter-movement to modernism served as a source of inspiration for the fabric Vivid Monochrome. It was designed with SOTTSASS' famous Bacteria characteristic in mind. pinqponq now transfers this pattern into the context of fashion.

By transferring the originally dynamic and lively movement of the bacteria to the static element of the 100% PET recycled fabric, the fabric appears harmonious and sympathetic at sight - monochrome.


Due to the German origin of both brands and the fact that THONET stands for modernity like no other furniture brand, the two brands are now daring to experiment with the unification of two different design schools by combining the post-modern element - Vivid Monochrome - with the icon of modernity - the THONET Freischwinger.

This is intended to illustrate that post-modernity and modernity do not necessarily have to contradict each other, but can enrich each other, which is an advantage to the harmonious, aesthetically pleasing design of the limited edition of pinqponq x THONET Freischwinger. This synergy, applied to culture and society, is a symbol of the fact that opposites can be enriching at second glance and that the whole is more than the individual parts.


Among the tubular steel furniture models, the cantilever chair S 32 is especially versatile. If you would like to purchase a limited Freischwinger with the Vivid Monochrome fabric for 680 Euros, please contact us.

Cubik Medium

In founding pinqponq in 2014 and developing its backpack silhouette (CUBIK), pinqponq's goal - analogous to the Memphis movement as a counter-movement to modernism - was to counter the classic backpack manufacturers by focusing on form, followed by function.