Balance the unbalanced

pinqponq, a sustainable backpack and clothing brand from Cologne, has been around since 2014. In addition to the highest level of responsibility, it is the symbiosis of unique, high-quality design and well thought-out functionality that defines us. pinqponq was founded because we wanted to free our bodies and minds from ballast. To counteract the burden of distraction and imbalance, we strive for inner and outer balance by encouraging people to consciously address their need for focus, clarity and what is truly beautiful.

Balance on EARTH only works by consciously taking responsibility. Because sustainability means finding a balance in consumer behavior and lifestyle. We achieve balance in the BODY through ergonomic product design. Because the back is the most stressed part of the body. Balance in the VISUALITY is achieved through clean and cleverly designed products. Because a harmonious look makes the world a little clearer and lighter. We achieve balance in the MIND through minimalism as a tool for discovering clarity. We want to reduce where possible and enrich where necessary, because we are convinced that finding balance is the basis for everything that is to come.