Balance the unbalanced.

Founded in 2014, pinqponq is a sustainable backpack and apparel brand from Cologne, Germany. In addition to the highest level of responsibility, the synergy of unique design in excellent quality andwell-thought-out functionality defines pinqponq.

We started pinqponq because we felt an unbalance in our everyday world due to many distractions. Since then, we thrive for inner and outer balance by encouraging humans to consciously address their need for focus, clarity, and aesthetics.

Balance the unbalanced.

Balancing the WORLD through consciously well-chosen responsibility. Because being sustainable means finding the balance in consumption and lifestyle.

Balancing the BODY through ergonomic product design to move in ease. Because our back is the bodies’ most strained part.

Balancing VISUALNESS through clean and clever designed products. Because a calmer look makes the world a little clearer and lighter.

Balancing the MIND through minimalism as a tool for simplification. Because we reduce where possible, and we enrich where necessary.

Finding balance is the base for whatever comes next.