We try to meet the high demands of ecological and social responsibility. Our system partner bluesign® as well as our leader status membership in the Fair Wear Foundation play important parts in achieving those demands.


bluesign® pays attention to the elimination of environmentally-damaging substances from the production process and also controls its compliance to have an environmentally-friendly and secure production.

Fair Wear Foundation

The FWF not only regularly checks the working conditions at our suppliers but also evaluates our own efforts to improve working conditions in our supply chain, as part of the Brand Performance Check.

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system partner

We are system partners of bluesign®, as well as many of our fabric and material producers, and raw materials and chemicals suppliers.

Together, we try to keep the effects of the product's production on humans and nature as low as possible.

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Fair Wear Foundation

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What is the Fair Wear Foundation?

The FAIR WEAR FOUNDATION (FWF) is a Dutch non-profit, multi-stakeholder organization. It is made up of NGOs, business associations, trade unions, and companies like us. Together we have set ourselves the goal of improving working conditions in the textile industry. One of how we achieve this is by keeping a close eye on our sewing factories and by carrying out audits to check exactly how the working conditions are on site.

With our leader status membership, we commit ourselves and our suppliers to adhere to a strict Code of Labor Practices (Verhaltenskodex).

Code of Labour Practices

① Employment is freely chosen
② There is no discrimination in employment
③ No exploitation of child labour

④ Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining
⑤ Payment of a living wage
⑥ Reasonable hours of work
⑦ Safe and healthy working conditions
⑧ Legally binding working relationship


During the audits, a group of FWF experts, consisting of 2-3 auditors, visits our factories and examines the working conditions very closely for two days. The auditors inspect, for example, whether there is a sufficient number of fire extinguishers on-site and whether there are enough emergency exits.

In addition, many interviews are conducted with management and workers to get a holistic picture of the factory: How does the communication between workers and management work? Are workers' complaints taken seriously? Who is involved in decision-making processes? How is it ensured that all workers are aware of their rights? These are just some of the questions that will be clarified during an FWF audit.

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Brand Performance Check

What makes the FWF so special is that it not only checks our suppliers but also us once a year. Because we also play our part in the working conditions at our sewing factories: How much do we pay for our products? Do we give the suppliers enough time to finish the products without excessive overtime?

The Brand Performance Check also checks how many suppliers have taken part in training courses to improve working conditions and how we have responded to complaints about the "Workers Helpline" (see below). Only if we do very well in this "check" can we call ourselves FWF Leader and label our products with the FWF logo.

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Another important component of the FWF is the so-called "Worker Helpline". This is a complaint hotline set up by the FWF in the producing countries. Every worker has the opportunity to directly forward serious problems to the FWF by telephone. The FWF takes up the complaint and then forwards it to our CR experts. They then contact the factory and try to ensure that the complaint is resolved within the factory. A poster with the complaint hotline is displayed in each of our sewing factories, which we check regularly.

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