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PET recycling in one sentence: PET recycling makes it possible to reduce plastic waste, save resources and not have to resort to fossil raw materials.

Recycling process

The fabrics of our backpacks are made of polyester. These polyester fabrics are usually made from crude oil. Alternatively, we use fabrics made from old PET bottles. Our fabrics are produced in Taiwan, where the following process takes place:

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Savings since 2014 compared to virgin polyester fabrics. State as of August 2020 in 0,5l PET-bottles, barrels of oil, tubs of water and balloons CO2.

How many PET-bottles (0.5l) are in your pinqponq?

Who recycles the PET bottles?

Our fabric suppliers Hoyu and Yaw Liamy purchase the yarn, which includes recycled PET bottles, from Far Eastern New Century Corporation (FENC). FENC recycles according to the Global Recycling Standard..

Usage of PET fabrics

pinqponq uses material made from 100% recycled PET bottles for both the outer fabric and the lining.

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