As a company, do you want to offer employees or customers products with a strong focus on aesthetics, functionality, responsibility, sensor technology and reduction? Then pinqponq is the right partner for you!

We believe that beauty is the best prerequisite for loving relationships. That's why we create our products with an aesthetic that creates long-term product and user relationships. At the same time, we generate awareness for the beauty of the world and are committed to the responsible treatment of people and nature. Through our focus on durability and quality, we contribute to a positive future. This idea is supported, for example, by our status as a Fair Wear Leader , a more resource-efficient choice of materials and our membership in the bluesign® system. More information on how we take responsibility can be found at this page.

Our products simplify life and create balance between body and mind. As a brand, we support a stress-free lifestyle and provide mental relaxation through organizing things and physical relaxation through comfort. All senses are addressed, sensory and haptic are as important as functions and quality. Through reduction, we create clarity and calm in a society that is flooded with limitless consumption options and digital stimuli. At pinqponq, we aim to create balance by providing a soothing and harmonious balance in an urban world with our products.

As a company, you can benefit from our values and pass them on to your employees or customers in the form of our products, thus expressing your appreciation. We offer customized corporate deals to meet your needs. Contact us today to learn more: We would be pleased if you contact us!