Minimal Waste

Waste is generated in every production process. Although waste can be a valuable resource, the better strategy is to avoid creating it in the first place. With our Hip Bags we follow a minimal waste strategy. That means: we design the bags rectangular from the start, so that there is hardly any waste. In addition to "design follows function", we also claim "design follows minimal waste".

What actually makes waste so harmful to the environment? In Germany, a large part of the waste is recycled, especially for energy, which is then used to heat our living rooms via district heating for instance. It would be better and more sustainable if we recycled the material we throw away. However, in terms of the material reuse rate, which quantifies the reuse of waste in industry, Germany is well behind other European countries with a material reuse rate of 11 percent. So there is a lot of need for action!

Minimal waste approach