From bottle to backpack

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PET recycling in one sentence: PET recycling makes it possible to reduce plastic waste, save resources and not have to resort to fossil raw materials. Learn how we produce our fabrics which consist of 100% recycled PET in the following section step by step.

PET bottles are collected

The empty PET plastic bottles are collected near our fabric supplier in Taiwan and taken to a recycling plant.

Crushed and washed

The bottles are crushed into small PET flakes. These flakes are then washed in a water bath, to completely clean them.

Pellets are made

The PET flakes are melted down and mixed thoroughly. The hot mass is then formed into thick fibers that are cut into 3 mm pellets.

The yarn is spun

The pellets are melted again, drawn into long fibers and spun into thread. The finished thread is wound onto spools and transported to the weaving mill.

The fabric is woven and printed

The thread is woven into white lengths of fabric.Then the fabrics are printed and both sides are coated to make the fabrics water-repellent.

The product is made

The fabric pieces cut from the patterns, using as much of the fabric as possible. The different pieces are then used to sew a pinqponq product.

Who recycles the PET bottles?

Our fabric suppliers Hoyu and Yaw Liamy purchase the yarn, which includes recycled PET bottles, from Far Eastern New Century Corporation (FENC). FENC recycles according to the Global Recycling Standard.