The textile supply chain is very complex; therefore, our aim is to understand where our products come from to systematically improve the conditions and impact of production.

Maintaining transparency in the textile supply chain is extremely complex, as many parties are involved and the business often runs through agents. However, we do not want to isolate ourselves, but to show transparently where we produce.

Our main sewing unit is ASG VINA Co., Ltd. in Vietnam. We work with them since 2010.


Some manufacturing processes are outsourced to sub-suppliers (mainly printing and embroidery). In the meantime, we have been able to create transparency here. We are happy to provide the names and addresses of subcontractors on request (write to

substance or material suppliers

A backpack consists of an incredible number of individual parts, starting with the fabrics, through buckles to zippers. All these components come from many different suppliers, especially from Asia. In total, more than 100 fabric and material suppliers are involved. We are happy to provide the names and addresses of our material suppliers on request.